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Povall & Jeffreys, P.A.: Mississippi’s Premier Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury can result in debilitating conditions that can adversely affect your quality of life and wipe out your bank account unless you receive proper compensation for your injuries.

Though there are countless of ways one can be the victim of a wrongful personal injury, each case is the result of negligence or reckless conduct from another party.  In the regrettable event of a personal injury incident, the best decision you can make to help you get full compensation for your injuries is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who can properly assess your case and assist you.

The personnel at Povall & Jeffreys are among the most experienced, professional and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys in the greater Mississippi Delta region. We handle forms of personal injury and related issues, including but not limited to:

  • General Negligence
  • Products Liability
  • Premises or Landlord Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workplace Disability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Social Security Disability
  • Loss of Wage or Earning Capacity
  • Wrongful Death

Whatever the specifics of your case may be, we are ready to serve you in helping you recover.

You Don’t Pay Unless We Succeed In Winning Your Case Or Obtaining A Satisfactory Settlement

Our office accepts personal injury cases on “contingency” – meaning that you won’t owe us anything for our services unless we are successful in helping you recover in your case. We offer free initial consultations for personal injury cases and can visit you outside our offices if you are unable to travel due to your injuries.

Personal Care Combined With Thorough Legal Knowledge

In addition to providing you with prompt personal assistance with your case, our attorneys can help you steer your case towards the best possible outcome by helping avoid common legal pitfalls that clients can encounter without proper counseling.
Just some of the important preliminary considerations one might face in a personal injury case include:

  • Filing Deadlines – Every cause of action has a “statute of limitations” which requires you to file a complaint within a specific timeframe from when you were first injured. Each cause of action may have a different deadline, depending on the circumstances. Our knowledgeable attorneys can make sure that all filings in your case are timely and in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Comparative Negligence Issues – Even if you happen to be partially responsible for an accident which caused you injury, you still may be able to recover if someone else was partially at fault too. Mississippi allows for “comparative negligence” recovery, which means that you can still recover sums in proportion to the amount of fault that is determined. For instance, let’s say that in an auto accident, it was established that you were 40% at fault, while the other driver was 60% at fault. The law allows you to still recover 60% of what you would otherwise be entitled to had the accident been caused entirely by the other driver. Partial recoveries can even still be available in cases where you are more than 50% at fault. A consultation with one of our attorneys can help you best assess your case.
  • Damage Caps – In special instances, Mississippi’s Tort Reform Act of 2004 may impose limits on certain types of noneconomic and punitive damages. Our staff can advise you on when these provisions might apply and steps you can take to ensure that you receive the maximum recovery possible under law.

Whatever the specifics of your personal injury case may be, the attorneys at Povall & Jeffreys will provide you with the highest quality counseling and personal attention to help you recover from your injuries and assist you in obtaining whatever compensation you may be entitled to for your pain, suffering and loss.

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