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Povall & Jeffreys, P.A. – Serving All Your Legal Needs

Here at Povall & Jeffreys, our dedicated team of attorneys are committed to providing you the best legal services in a wide variety of legal fields. Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Automobile & Trucking Accidents – Whether it happens on Highway 61 or other streets and roadways throughout Mississippi, accidents caused by negligent drivers can cause debilitating injuries or even death. Our experienced team of attorneys can help you recover and get you the compensation you are entitled to.
  • Dangerous Drugs & Defective Medications – The pharmaceutical industry often sells products that can be defective, cause dangerous side-effects or fail to perform in the way they are advertised. With the medical community increasingly reliant on prescription medications, it becomes critical to make sure that these products perform as advertised with full disclosures to the patients taking them. The team at Povall & Jeffreys is dedicated to helping clients who have suffered injuries from recommended medications that have proven to be unsafe.
  • Personal Injury – Personal injury can come in a variety of forms. From defective products, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, general negligence or any number of other scenarios, the harm you can suffer from the fault or carelessness of others can affect your quality of life in addition to your finances. Povall & Jeffreys is the finest resource you can have in Mississippi when it comes to assisting you recover from your personal injury case. We offer free legal consultations and visits to your home or hospital any time of the week if needed.
  • Family Law – The lawyers of our firm have proven experience you can trust when it comes to all matters relating to family law. We handle issues concerning divorce, child custody, support, modifications of existing custody or support orders, adoption, paternity and other related issues. When it comes to vital family law issues, you will want attorneys who have a proven track record in helping their clients achieve desirable outcomes. The professional lawyers of Povall & Jefferys will provide you the best support possible in helping you to reach your goals.
  • Real Estate

We also offer counseling in real estate, criminal defense, estate planning, social security disability and a host of other areas. Whatever your legal needs may be, our firm can provide you with the finest representation available.

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