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Povall & Jeffreys, P.A. – Experienced Representation For All Your Family Law Needs

The Cleveland lawyers at Povall & Jeffreys can provide you with effective representation in all family law matters. We realize that having family legal issues can be emotionally taxing. Our staff will be able to help you with the proper guidance in a manner that is sensitive yet straightforward.

Regardless what family-related issue you may have, we have the experience you can count on in areas such as:

  • Divorce – If both parties agree to dissolve their marriage, a “no fault” divorce can be granted on the basis of irreconcilable differences. If only one spouse wishes to divorce, that spouse will have to show that the other is at “fault” for causing the rift based on grounds such as adultery, cruelty or other grounds recognized under Mississippi law. If you feel compelled to divorce, we can counsel you on your best options.
  • Custody – Child custody issues are determined by a number of factors such as the age, needs and preference of child, parental fitness (both moral and financial), employment responsibilities, and other factors which may contribute to a stable upbringing. Custody can be awarded to one parent or both parents jointly if it serves the best interest of the child. If you are seeking custody of your child, the attorneys of Povall & Jeffreys will provide fervent and experienced advocacy on your behalf.
  • Spousal and Child Support – Spousal support and child support after a divorce are actually two separate issues, each with their own set of rules and considerations. A court can issue a spousal support order for either ongoing, periodic payments, or a lump sum payment. The amount of support can turn on factors such as the earning potentials of each spouse, how long the marriage lasted, necessary living expenses, and standards of living among other issues.Child support obligations are generally based on a fixed percentage of the non-custodial parent’s gross income. Certain deductions in the calculations are allowed for taxes, retirement accounts, social security and support obligations for other children among other factors. These guidelines can also be modified based on a number of factors such as the changing financial situation of each parent or special needs of the child.Whether you are seeking to establish spousal or child support, defend against unreasonable support requests or require modifications to already existing court orders for support, lawyers from our offices can provide you with the best representation available to help you achieve your needs.
  • Adoption – Mississippi law governs the process for adoption in the state as well as the rights and responsibilities of both the biological and adoptive parents. If you are looking to adopt a child, or are thinking of placing a child up for adoption, let us counsel you and guide you through the process with our experienced family attorneys.

Knowledgeable Attorneys For Any Family Related Issue

We handle all other forms of family law – be it paternity issues, emancipation, guardianships, etc. Whatever your needs, the office of Povall & Jeffreys can provide you with the strongest representation available at affordable rates.

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If you need counseling or representation for any of your family law needs, don’t hesitate to contact the Cleveland offices of Povall & Jeffreys for prompt and friendly advice.


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